Since some of these tools are relatively new, you won't find them on roundups or lists because, well, most lists are out of date. Let's be honest, most SEO tools come from a time when going after a big keyword was the only path to success.

Hidden Gem Marketing Tools: Long-tail SEO keywords, Reddit communities & Quora questions

Times have changed and there are now avenues for content creation, traffic generation, and backlink building.

Try all of these tools to discover keyword gems and open up some new avenues for traffic.

It doesn't matter if you own a small local business, you're a blogger, you run an online course, or you're an in-house SEO marketer – you can use these apps to grow your business.

marketing tools for audience research reddit quora


lowfruits long tail keyword research tool

LowFruits is probably the best keyword research tool out there at the moment (the other recommended option is Keysearch). That might sound like a bold statement but I believe it to be true. Keyword research is moving away from “fat head keywords” (difficult, high volume topic keywords) and moving towards answering questions. At least, that's how a lot of marketers are approaching content marketing now that big sites have eaten up all the top keywords.

Fat head keywords are single or double words with an especially high search volume. They are some of the most in-demand keywords. They only describe your company in broad strokes and are not as specific as long tail keywords. Fat head keywords are the natural progression from broad keyword searches. They aren't an exact match for the product or service name, but they're a lot closer than broad keyword searches.

If you've been using Ahrefs, MOZ, and even Google's own keyword tool, LowFruits will be a breath of fresh air. Gone are the terribly inaccurate “difficulty metrics” and ridiculous volume indicators – these days, this stuff matters less and less.

Instead, you've got juicy keywords that nobody else is targeting but will bring you lots of traffic if you nail the content around them.

Long tail keywords are those with more than four words. For example, “how to make an omelette” is a long tail keyword while “omelette recipe” is not.

The majority of search queries aren’t single keywords – they contain multiple terms, many of which are long-tail.

While the competition for short-tail keywords is high, there are fewer websites competing for the phrases that make up a long-tail keyword (like “how to make an omelette”).

Long-tail keywords tend to have higher conversion rates since people who search them tend to know what they want and will often buy straight away.

Understanding the intent behind long tail queries helps you get inside your audience’s head and uncover new ways of writing content for them.

They might not be the highest volume (most searched for) phrases on your topic but they are much, much easier to rank for. And getting 100 lower volume keywords ranking in position 1 on Google is much easier than ranking a single large volume keyword in the first place, especially for new websites.

Low Fruits works like this:

  • Enter a seed keyword – make this short and rather generic.
  • “TikTok influencer” not “best British TikTok influencers”
  • “Mexican food”, not “best cheap Mexican dinner recipes”
  • Let the tool find juicy keywords and then examine the results.

You should have hundreds, if not thousands, of low-hanging fruit keywords that you can either examine further inside Low Fruits or export to analyze in another tool.

Low Fruits has its own keyword difficulty scoring system which is excellent but you could always export the results into SE Ranking or Keysearch for further processing.

There are two pricing structures: credits-based and subscription-based. If you only occasionally use the tool, the credits-based subscription might be better. Power users should sign up for a subscription. You can probably cancel some of your other keyword research tools to pay for it.


people also asked seo tool for marketers

AlsoAsked is a tool that provides unparalleled insight into search intent with live, geo-specific “People Also Ask” questions. Get more headline clicks, write better converting PPC ads, structure content effectively, and get long-tail traffic thanks to deep Google data.

AlsoAsked is terrific at discovering keywords for effective FAQs and helping you identify content gaps.

The interface couldn't be easier to use and the visually represented topic groupings are pleasing to the eye (as well as being super useful).

AlsoAsked is an invaluable tool for anyone involved in content creation. If you want to get in tune with potential customers and boost engagement, AlsoAsked is the way to go.

🔥 GSC Content Analytics by Frase

Another tool from my favorite content marketing software performs content analytics on your Google Search Console properties.

It's all automated and the results are incredibly useful.

Open a GSC website property and get detailed statistics on ‘Clicks Growth', ‘Rank Rate', and ‘Average Position' for any page, query, or country.

frase gsc analytics clicks growth visualizer

Filter for Quick Wins, Opportunities, Decaying pages, Unranked, Ranked, and Top Results to see which pages need editing, which need a lot of work, and which are slowly losing visibility in the SERPs.

frase seo tool for content opportunities

Few website owners are taking advantage of this valuable tool. 

In spite of the fact that Frase doesn't heavily promote this tool, it can be used to overhaul the entire content of a website and make strategic decisions regarding site structure and future content planning. 

Start a 5-day Frase trial for just $1

🔥 InLinks

InLinks uses a proprietary semantic analyzer and knowledge graph to deliver expert-level data. The platform analyzes each new page and provides page-level recommendations based on semantic search. Find out which internal links are most effective using InLinks. It helps you to identify which pages need internal links, and which ones shouldn't be linked to at all.

Based on entity-based optimization, InLinks provides SEO recommendations that take into account both text and the underlying structure of the document.

And if that all sounds a bit much, don't worry. The automated instructions will tell you exactly what you need to do to improve your rankings and beat your competitors in the SERPs.

InLinks is a bit of a secret weapon among those in the know in the SEO world. It's an underground tool that few people know about, but it helps its customers achieve great things.

The FAQ schema generator is another time-saving SEO feature. InLinks parses your content for questions. Then, it automatically generates an FAQ Schema and generates the best answers to those questions that you can directly integrate into your content.


gummysearch reddit audience research tool

Reddit gets half a billion monthly visitors and the majority of users are in the United States. It's an understatement to say that Reddit is a really influential and important website.

Subreddits are like a big community bulletin board for topics on any and every subject: from gardening to productivity, to knitting and makeup.

They’re also goldmines for content ideas. The people who subscribe to these forums are passionate about their hobbies and excited to share their knowledge with others. If you can provide a helpful guide, or create content that educates Redditors on your topic, you’ll be able to drive traffic back to your site and gain exposure through the forum.

It's a unique social network and one of the best places to discover:

  • What people don't like about your competitors
  • What people are asking about products in your niche
  • What people are looking for
  • Which types of content resonate with people in your niche
  • What kinds of problems your target customers or audience are experiencing.
  • And a lot more.

GummySearch is a new tool that not only looks amazing (love the slick interface and fast user interface), it's an absolute beast when it comes to discovering interesting discussions, pain points, opportunities, and people looking for answers.

Once you've familiarized yourself with GummySearch, you might put all marketing efforts into Reddit.

🔥People Also Ask by Frase

It is possible you have never heard of the People Also Ask tool by Frase. It's understandable as the company doesn't heavily promote this great new SEO tool. Perhaps you've never heard of Frase. I recommend you take a good look at both the free and paid software. Frase's suite of SEO tools is key to the success of my content websites and marketing company.

Let's look at the 100% free tool that identifies questions your audience is asking. Enter a query, question, or simple phrase and the tool will return a list of related questions that it finds on Google. If you see a highly relevant question and would like to dive deeper, just click the question and Frase will look for related People Also Asked questions on Google.

If you thought that was helpful, try Frase's free AI-powered content writing tools to automatically answer those questions.

Answering Google's People Also Ask search questions is a great way to get featured snippets for your content. Additionally, it's a fantastic way to generate content ideas.


qapop quora marketing research tool

Quora is an absolute gold mine of content ideas, potential customers, and people who would benefit from your service or from reading your content.

But there's a lot of crap on Quora. And which questions are worth answering? How to find the gold in the dirt?

The answer is one of my favorite marketing tools at the moment, QApop.

Here's how it works:

  • Use QApop's Report tool to find questions around your topic or seed keyword.
  • You can also enter competitor keywords and even brand terms to see if there's anything you could answer.
  • Find out which questions have the most views and the least answers.
  • Discover which answers have received the most upvotes and the highest traffic.

It's pure gold.

And then comes the really interesting parts of using QApop for topic research.

Use the Content Draft tool to begin drafting an answer to a query. It's an Artificial Intelligence drafting tool so it can write the answers for you. Nice!

The first screen you will see offers you three ways to answer:

  • Blog Post to Answer – use content from another URL to deliver a reply
  • Answer to Answer – Use the content in another Quora answer URL to deliver your reply.
  • Question from blog post – coming soon (I'm looking forward to seeing how this tool works)

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