Content curation has become one of the most important skills of the modern content marketer and newsletter creator. People have little time for scouring the internet and many people consider social media feeds to be little better than ads. Because of these factors, people have turned to trusted sources of information. Trusted bloggers that share high-quality, professionally crafted newsletters are the sole source of news and updates for many people. This is where there’s an opportunity for marketers to automate the discovery process.

Marketers know that constantly promoting their own products to your audience will cause them to burn out and lose interest. It’s also difficult to keep coming up with new content that engages your audience. Not to mention the fact that people are overwhelmed by the many content channels they have to trawl through daily. However, ex

By curating content for your audience, you reinforce their opinion of you as a trusted and valuable source of information, even if this information does not relate directly to sales of your products or services.

Trusted bloggers that share high-quality, professionally crafted newsletters are the sole source of news and updates for many people

Content curation skills are in demand as marketing teams and businesses learn that providing value to an audience helps drive sales and conversions.

Here are my picks for the best tools for creating content. You can also use digital content discovery apps to find new topics to cover in blog posts, share on social media platforms, or summarize in email newsletters. Social media managers, content marketers, and small business owners can add these tools to their marketing budget without breaking the bank. I’ve left out expensive enterprise tools like Curata and UpContent as they're aimed at large companies with budgets of hundreds of dollars a month for content curation tools(Curata doesn’t even publish its prices).


Discover and schedule content for social media and blogs

conentstudio content curation software

ContentStudio is marketed as a social media content scheduling tool, but it’s also a great content curation platform. While not as fully-featured or powerful as Social Animal or PeakMetrics, ContentStudio offers a much faster route to finding and sharing content. It’s an all-in-one product for social media managers or anyone looking to regularly share curated content or their own content without spending all day on it. Read more about ContentStudio's features here.


  • One-stop-shop for curation, discovey, and sharing on social media platforms
  • Analysis tools that let you see exactly what’s working
  • Multiple schedules and posting configurations for maximum exposure
  • Automation tools for powerful scheduling


  • Support can be a little slow to respond. No chat support.
  • The content discovery engine is not as advanced as competitors like Social Animal or BuzzSumo
  • keyword searching is a little inaccurate at times
  • No direct Instagram scheduling


Get alerts about new shareable content from multiple web sources.

One of my favorite tools for digging deep into the web and finding great content for sharing on social or using for research.

I primarily use Peakmetrics to find mentions of businesses or topics that are relevant to my business or personal interests. But at the same time, the content curation features are excellent.

Alerts are highly customizable and there’s even the ability to use Boolean operators for more refined search capabilities. PeakMetrics’ search engine is very powerful. Google Alerts on steroids.


  • The most powerful search facility of all the content curation tools
  • Specific keyword search facility with boolean logic
  • Ability to track journalists and create media lists
  • Reporting feature for stakeholders, colleagues, or clients


  • The interface is a little clunky and can be slow
  • It can take some time to remove the junk results


Detailed insights on the web & social media's most shareable content

social media content discovery buzzsumo

No list would be complete without Buzzsumo, one of the original content discovery tools and one of the most powerful.

Paid plans start at $99 per month, which is a lot to fork out for content curation, so Buzzsumo is best suited to content marketing agencies and social media agencies. This plan gives you 5 user accounts so you can give access to different team members, content curators, or clients.


  • Probably the best fresh content curation engine of all the tools on this list
  • Extra features like backlink reports, journalist profiles, and alerts that other tools lack.


  • Expensive

Quuu Curated

Automate sharing of curated content to social media

There are two sides to the Quuu Platform. The first is the promotion side, called Quuu Promote (an excellent tool – check it out) which lets you submit content to a database of bloggers, social media managers, and influencers looking for new content to share. The other side of the platform is the curation part, simply called Quuu, where you can get quality-checked, hand-curated quality content shared to your social media feeds on autopilot. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can also curate blog posts individually. Or combine the two.


  • Easy to set up and start curation content automatically
  • Free for 1 profile


  • Some categories are not well supported


Find, save, and display great articles from around the web

pocket find relevant content to share

Pocket is a handy app and plugin for your web browser that allows you to save articles from the web for reading later. Articles are saved without fancy formatting or excessive graphics, so you get a consistent look to your saves.

But it’s also a great tool for curating excellent content to share with others. And Pocket generates content suggestions based on your current saves. I’ve found the automatically generated suggestions to be a great way of discovering and curating new (and not so new) content.

The Discover tab on the app is a useful way of checking what Pocket has found not the web-based on recommendations sourced from millions of web stories and recommendations from people you follow on Pocket. You can also filter by topic, for example, travel, technology, self-improvement, or personal finance.

There’s a search feature for finding content, but the best way to use the tool is to strategically follow people who curate content on the topics you and your target audience are interested in.


  • The free plan is suitable for most businesses and individuals
  • Ability to export all bookmarks to an HTML file
  • Easy to share recommendations with friends via links or on social media platforms
  • Saving links is super easy with the browser extension


  • None unless we consider that full text searches are a premium feature


Discover, read, and share all the best content in one place

Feedly is a feed reader, a tool that scans the blog feeds of the websites you select to download and present the content inside the app so you have all the content that interests you in one single place, nicely formatted.

If you want to follow content about say, digital nomads, on Reddit but don’t want to login to Reddit and get distracted, you can add this subreddit to your favorites for Feedly to watch.

It’s a great system that simplifies the content curation process. Feedly is free but has some premium features that you might find interesting. For most people, however, the free version is good enough and adds a powerful tool in the quest for better content discovery.


  • Powerful features are mostly free
  • Integrations with Evernote, Dropbox, Pocket, and other useful apps
  • Ability to create custom boards of topics and articles to share


  • Can’t filter a feed by keyword
  • Adds in the feed on the free version

Curate best content from the web, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Link is an advanced bookmark manager and content curation tool. This powerful tool makes it easy to create landing pages, email newsletters, RSS widgets, social bio links, social walls, automated content promotion, and more. It requires no HTML knowledge to use. Make your own content in minutes!

Elink combines social bookmarking, visual content creation, website creation, and email newsletter generation into one product. It has been dubbed a “professional Pinterest” by its developers. That sums it up quite well, in my opinion.

elink content curation software

Frequently Asked Questions

How does content curation work?

Content curation is the process of finding, organizing, and sharing content. Most likely, you have seen content curation in one form or another on Twitter, Facebook, Medium, or Reddit, among others. Content curation tools are essentially used for two purposes: discovering new content and sharing it with your audience.

How do you share curated content?

Many social sharing tools offer one-click content sharing options or integrations with Buffer, HootSuite, and similar. Tools like ContentStudio and Social Animal offer fast ways of sharing curated content directly from the platform. Newsletter software tools like Revue make sharing links quick and painless.

How can my business use content curation?

Use content curation to provide value to your audience even when you're not producing original content for your own business. This helps maintain a connection and helps to build trust as a source of valuable information.

Is Pinterest a good content curation tool?

Pinterest is a great tool for anyone looking to discover content ideas. It's also a perfect platform for curating content around specific topics that can drive traffic and generate leads.

Is content curation bad for SEO?

Content curation is bad for SEO if you repost other people's content on your blog without attribution or canonical tag references. Don't use your website as a primary sharing channel for curated content. It's best shared on newsletters and social media platforms.

content curation tools for sharing

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