Have you been struggling to grow your Twitter following? Finding it hard to write the right tweet? Do you struggle to manage your contacts on the platform?

There’s no doubt that ‘hacking’ the Twitter algorithm isn’t straightforward and unless you’re famous, it can be a slow road to an extensive list of engaged followers. The most recent batch of Twitter growth tools are practical, help you be more efficient, and even have a bit of fun involved. Who said growing your Twitter account couldn’t be fun?

With the right Twitter tool, automation on this ever-popular social media platform can be straightforward.

Twitter’s popularity has surged in recent years as brands, business owners, and marketers discover its potential as a marketing platform. But it’s crucial to use Twitter effectively from the beginning. To be successful on Twitter, you need real, targeted, and engaged followers.

US youth are increasing their use of Twitter, according to MarketingCharts. It seems like the least cool social media channel is becoming more popular with younger audiences again.

This chart by Statista shows that the main reasons people use Twitter are to be entertained and to stay informed. If you want your audience (and potential audiences) to comprise quality followers, provide them with entertaining and informative content on the platform. Retweeting articles from newspapers or posting links to your website’s content will not help you grow your following. You need to be smart about it. Or you need a smart set of Twitter automation tools that help you achieve your goals. 

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Social Dog

SocialDog is the marketing tool that’ll keep your Twitter account barking. By simplifying your operations, increasing efficiency, and increasing engagement, SocialDog helps you achieve your goals.

I’m a big fan of Social Dog. This tool reminds me of some of the earlier Twitter growth tools, but Social Dog has a fresh look and a lot to offer in terms of features.

The website claims that almost a million Twitter accounts use the tool. 

socialdog inactive twitter accounts

These are just a few of the features that are most useful:

  • Social listening – get summarized versions of tweets that mention your brand.
  • Schedule Tweets – while pretty much every other social media tool offers tweet scheduling, you can also schedule retweets and Twitter threads with Social Dog.
  • Account management – allow your staff or colleagues to access and manage your account.

The Inbox is a convenient central place to work on your profile. Here you will see a feed of tweets based on your criteria (hashtags, phrases, profiles) but every post is embedded in a container that also shows the Twitter user’s follower count and the number of tweets. You can choose to follow or interact with these accounts.

One outstanding feature is the ability to track keywords mentioned in tweets. Now, there are many tools that perform the same task. But somehow, Social Dog does not deliver an immense pile of irrelevant tweets (unlike many other services). It appears to be curated and your ‘mention’ feed will contain quality tweets from real users. This alone is worth the admission price.

You also get detailed analytics and updates on Twitter followers, the most popular tweets, the most active users, and more.

A couple of features I really like are:

1. Notifications of people that unfollow you – there are many tools out there that offer this service, but most are spammy and hard to use. DataDog makes unfollowing accounts that recently unfollowed you a piece of cake.

2. A list of inactive accounts – you can view accounts that have not tweeted in the past 30 days and remove inactive users. This helps to weed out the fake accounts or accounts that will never engage with your content.

Click unfollow beside any account name to stop following them immediately.

socialdog twitter alerts


One thing to know about HypeFury is that most of the key features are included in the free plan. And there’s a lot of cool stuff in this plan.

Paid subscriptions include features like delay threaded tweets, automatic reposting of your most engaging tweets, schedule retweets of other people’s accounts, statistics, autopilot Gumroad sales, and CSV upload. 

Where HypeFury differs from the other tools in this roundup is the additional support for other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook pages, Linkedin, and…em, OnlyFans!

Uploading thousands of pre-written tweets via CSV file for scheduled publish dates is clearly a massive timesaver. Another tool I’ve reviewed here called ContentStudio does the same thing. 

Once you open up Hypefury for the first time, you’ll select categories of interest. There will undoubtedly be some overused topics in the Twittersphere: Unpopular opinions (they never are), Web3, Crypto, #buildinpublic, and self-improvement. Basically, a roll call of what every techie or marketer ever talks about on the platform. 

There’s a handy, full-screen focus mode for writing epic tweets without distractions. 

Every ‘compose’ window has a tool for generating quotes, and adding GIFs, images, and Emojis. Creating threads is much easier here than in the native Twitter app. 

If you want to cross-post to Instagram and Linkedin, you can have auto-generated images of your tweets posted to the other social platforms. 

hypefury twitter growth tool interface

A few things I like about this tool:

  • The interface is clean, uncluttered, and intuitive. It’s also quite fast so you’re never left waiting for elements to load. 
  • A feature that posts automatic follow-up tweets based on any tweet’s performance could be a game changer for people looking to attract leads or sell products. You can also create time-based sales tweet schedules to generate interest in your sale right up until the cart closing time.
  • If you’re trying to build rapport with another account, you can add their usernames to a watch list for more targeted interactions.
  • Connect your Gumroad account to help you make more sales.
  • HypeFury integrates with BlackMagic to give you superpowers.

 HypeFury’s developer is very active in social media and produces email content worth reading. He built a Discord community where you can ask for advice on everything related to Twitter growth. It’s free to join.


Use BlackMagic to grow your audience and communicate better. Track your followers, engagements, effectiveness, etc. Manage engagements at scale. Get tweet inspirations every day. Organize your tweets into categories. Draft, Schedule, Publish, Engage.

Black Magic helps you tweet inspirational messages every day on autopilot. Organize your tweets into categories and draft, schedule, publish, and engage in ways that you can’t on the Twitter app.

 Monitor the performance of your tweets over time, so you can discover why some tweets explode in popularity.  

– Monitor the number of followers and engagements. Keep on top of Twitter analytics like the most engaging hours, top interactions, profile clicks, top tweets, impressions, and more, all displayed in a visually appealing web dashboard.

– Every day, get ideas for tweets based on what’s trending.

– Search for responses quickly and easily, so you can respond immediately to engagement from followers or strangers. (No more missing out!)

– Set up recurring reminders that will help you stay in touch with the people you care about. (No more forgetting!)

Using BlackMagic, you’ll be able to monitor the effectiveness of your tweets over time, discover why a tweet goes viral, and get a better understanding of your target audience. To top it all off, BlackMagic also serves as your own Twitter customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

blackmagic twitter growth tool sidebar

BlackMagic is free to use with limited capabilities. The Personal plan costs $9.99 a month and gives you most of the features you’d need. Pro Twitter users might want to opt for the Professional plan at $19.99 per month. 


Don’t waste your time sifting through trial and error—just let Zlappo show you which content has resonated the most with your audience, so you know to schedule more content like these best-performing tweets.

Zlappo makes sure you connect with people who will be receptive to what you offer.

Find and engage with those key customers and make them into loyal brand ambassadors.

With Zlappo’s Twitter marketing automation tools, you can take the time and effort out of growing your social media audience. Stop spending those valuable hours manually searching for the right followers and creating content. Instead, leverage automation methods and create systems that do the work for you.

Zlappo auto-adds your tweets with significant engagement to an Evergreen List, and then it auto-retweets from your Evergreen List. It also runs Gumroad flash sales on auto-pilot, saving you tons of time and helping you get those sales. And best of all? No spammy/black-hat automations—just smarter ones!


Enter a keyword into the search bar and SparkToro will search its database of people that talk about your keyword. Now, it’s not clear what “talk about” means, but let’s just presume it means these people regularly use the word or phrase in their tweets.

This isn’t rocket science.

This tool shows you what topics these people also discuss. If this hasn’t turned on a lightbulb, ask someone to check for signs of life.

You get their frequently used phrases, hashtags, and bio phrases.  

While that would be plenty of information to start thinking about building new marketing campaigns or content, it doesn’t end there.

SparkToro also shows you the social accounts this cohort or demographic interacts with, websites they visit most, and niche/high-engagement accounts too.

Then there’s the demographic info and text insights. All in all, it’s a complete picture of Twitter users to help you find, engage, and grow your user base.

sparktoro twitter audience analytics

 Much of the functionality of this Twitter growth hacking tool is free. However, if you want even juicier data on followers, like their favorite podcasts and YouTube channels, or which press accounts they read, you’ll need a subscription plan. The Basic plan is pricey at $38 a month, so it might be strictly for Twitter power users and agencies. But if that’s you, give it a whirl!

Tweet Hunter

This is a fantastic app for Twitter power users. Not that the other tools aren’t effective, but Tweet Hunter is very powerful. And as someone once said, “with great power comes great responsibility”. You can really go nuts with these tools and it’s easy to see how you could destroy both your Twitter account reputation and your personal reputation if you let AI take over and automation be your voice.

artificial intelligence automatically generated tweets

Use the tool like you would any other resource. This is a useful resource, not a magic bullet.

Tweet hunter’s unique features include automatically generated AI tweets that are pretty darn good. Every day you get new ones that you can click to tweet or schedule.

If you add up all the time you might spend researching, planning, and writing tweets, Tweet Hunter will pay for itself in a day.


Brandbird Studio is a Chrome extension that turns screenshots into shareable images that you can instantly post to your Twitter feed. Despite being a simple idea, there are several ways you can present the screenshots, and this can make a big difference. Add 3D effects and elements, annotations, and (my favorite) even wrap your screenshots around physical objects to create realistic mockups.

brandbird twitter image growth hacking tool

Another use case is the ability to blur sensitive information in screenshots. You can quickly communicate your ideas without giving away your passwords, APIs, usernames, or data.

Check out this free tool if you want to make scroll-stopping graphics for social media in seconds.

It will help you boost your reach and engage more readers by making your tweets more interesting.

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