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Social media is one of the most powerful ways to get your message to the public. One of the youngest platforms is TikTok, and it’s proving to be a contender in the social media world. 

Don't believe me? Here's an impressive statistic any marketer should take note of: According to a Sensor Tower report, within the first half-year of its release, people downloaded the app 104 million times. Researchers at Mobile Marketer estimate that TikTok will reach 60.3 million U.S. consumers by 2024. 

These numbers are staggering and prove why bloggers, marketers and digital agencies should at least keep an eye on this new social platform. And if you market to Gen Z, you'll want to see what's working on the platform and why. Let's get nerdy on this guide to the best TikTok analytics tools. Currently, there aren't as many tools to analyze TikTok as for Instagram, for example. But new players enter the market regularly. This list should narrow your choices a bit. 

A Brief TikTok Intro

TikTok is a video and music sharing social media platform owned by a Chinese company called ByteDance. The app was introduced outside of China in 2017 and quickly rose in popularity. 

The most popular kind of content is brief video clips where users dance and perform lip-syncing. Marketers can use the platform to share videos that promote their products or businesses. The key is to use humor and share-worthy posts. This is not a place for boring, old-school marketing.

Why Do I Need TikTok Analytics?

Social media is a way to get you or your business’s message out there. The creation of the World Wide Web and social media platforms has given companies and marketers another avenue to share their brand and services on the internet. As of 2019, 7 out of 10 Americans were using social media. 

Since the company's creation in 2016, it has exploded in popularity and gained millions of users. It is now an important platform to share your brand and engage your influencers. 

Businesses, large and small, can benefit from using an analytics tool on the platform. How? Well, for a start they can help inform decisions that will get your videos in front of more people. Businesses can use in-depth insights to improve customer relationships and discover fresh ways to engage with their audience. These tools also let you monitor the competition and get valuable insights into the direction your industry is heading in.

The old adage says to work smarter, not harder. You can do just that with the right TikTok analytics tool. Good data will show you how well your campaign is doing and where you can improve. 

The Best TikTok Analytics Tools

TikTok Analytics

This tool is only available to users of a TikTok pro account. A pro account gives you TikTok analytics that regular accounts lack. Details like the times when users interact with your account or view and engage with your video are useful for evaluating your content strategies. To create a pro account, all you need to do is access your account settings from your TikTok profile page. Open Settings and Privacy. Tap Manage Account and under “account control” tap Switch to Pro Account.

Choose Creator or Business and select the type of content or topic you post about. The app will then open the analytics page.

The overview includes video views, profile views, and followers. Get location demographics, reports on follower gender, and your followers' favorite videos. The content section shows how well your videos have performed by giving you the total “play time” and views. Your content will also include the average watch time and how your viewers reached your post. The Followers section lets you get to know who your followers are by grouping them by gender. 

TikTok Analytics will give you the latest statistics for posts from the past 7 to 28 days. 


Serious influencers and social media agencies love Analisa for several reasons. This tool provides easy to digest graphs with all the information you need for a knockout content strategy. With this analytics tool, you can search with a profile name or hashtag, and you can use it for Instagram accounts too.

Analisa started out as an Instagram analytics tool and it's one of the best in the business.

Analisa lets you look at all aspects of campaign reporting. As with the other tools, you get access to metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and engagements. But there's a lot more packed into this comprehensive analytics platform. It's the most complete competitive analysis and content optimization platform for TikTok. 

Analisa has one of the most comprehensive analytics dashboards to help you with influencer optimization, follower demographics authenticity, and in-depth analysis of your competitors.

Choose any TikTok account or hashtag and an Overview (which is actually quite detailed) appears with Key Metrics presented at the top. Scroll down for an in-depth analysis of the account's Average Engagement, Average Likes and Comments per Post, most used hashtags, most used caption words, tags, mentions, and more. 

Analisa Tik Tok Profile Analytics

Click the Top Posts tab and get updated reports and embedded posts of the most popular content. Export historical data to CSV or PDF for further research.

Search a hashtag and get detailed information on the top posts, the caption posts most used, the top accompanying hashtags (very important) and a section where you can identify potential influencers and contributors.

TikTok Analytics is only available with a pro account.

As one of the more expensive products in this list, Analisa is aimed at serious influences, agencies, and marketers interested in having all the data to make decicions. However, there is a free Basic plan which lets you analyze unlimited TikTok profiles and hashtags. The premium pricing level costs around $59 based on a yearly subscription. This gets you 6 recent posts on TikTok profiles, PDF exports of reports, location tag heatmaps, most tagged profile statistics, best times to post, overview insight performance, captions and top hashtags analysis, and a lot more besides. 


TikLog is a new tool for analyzing TikTok accounts and it's one of the most impressive on design and features. The TikLog interface has 5 tabs: Accounts, Analytics, Tends, Hashtags, and Comparison.

In the first tab, you can add TikTok accounts to analyze immediately and over any time period. View statistics about folowers, views, likes, and more for the past 24 hours.

tiklog tiktok account analysis

In Analytics, get deeper insights into a particular account. See which videos are working best and get detailed stats on reactions, comments, shares, and views. Find out how often a video was downloaded or shared on Whatsapp. Quickly view the hashtags used on any video. Download a CSV file of all videos for further analysis. Know when is the best time to post for any account.

In the Trends tab, get trends based on country or filter by views or video. Search by description to find niche topics that are trending so you can use them in your campaigns.

The Hashtags tab lets you track your favorite hashtags to get statistics on the number of views, likes, and shares per post containing that hashtag.

Use the Comparison tab to compare TikTok accounts for over 30 criteria. Quickly see how one account compares to another on the best time to post, number of followers, engagement, views, and shares. Download multiple comparisons to CSV format for further investigation or to import into other software.

With TikLog, you'll be able to discover what's working on TikTok, who is trending, what hashtags to use, and how your competitors or clients are doing. It's a fully-featured tool for any aspiring TikTok star or social media manager. Check out the free trial to see how you can use it to help you grow your account.


Exolyt is a TikTok analytics tool for social media managers, digital agencies, influencers and marketers. Get insights on any account profile or video. If you're looking for a way to build a campaign strategy based on a competitor's strategy or a similar account's successes, this is the tool for you. 

Exolyt was created by four passionate coders from Helsinki, Finland with the vision of helping influencers and marketing managers to improve their performance. I think they've done a pretty good job. Here's why.

With Exoloyt, users get a plethora of information. You can measure and track profiles based on daily progress, follower count, engagement rates, video views, comments, and more. This tool is the place to see how your competitors are doing. And a great feature is the ability to compare accounts. You will get a simple analysis of your campaign progress with a side-by-side comparison. 

For influencers, it's a great way to keep on top of your competitors' strategies. Marketing and social media agencies can present these reports to clients and or used to build stronger marketing campaigns. 

Exolyt Social Media Analytics And Viewer For Tiktok

A very powerful app with one of the nicest-looking user interfaces and a fast search. Use the link below, which has a discount code applied (FATFROGMEDIA) to get 50% off your subscription. Plans start at $5.99 for the Influencer plan monthly subscription and there are also two other plans: Influencer Pro and Agency. There's also a free basic version that still delivers useful data and insights. Happy analyzing!


TikBuddy offers a sleek and user-friendly interface for a better TikTok social listening experience. The TikTok monitoring platform offers many tools both for agencies and influencers.

tikbuddy social listening tool for tiktok

Check out the top hashtags used by TikTok influencers every day. Discover the most popular music and videos. Discover content creators based on keywords. Search based on ratings to find the best content creators.

Agencies and marketers can easily identify the most effective ads and copy ideas based on what's already working. In addition, you can track the progress of videos and TikTok influencers in real-time. 


TikTok campaign monitoring just got better with Pentos. They pride themselves on the fact that users can use profiles, hashtags, songs, and videos to analyze their campaign strategy.

Pentos has a three-tier pricing design for their service. The starter plan costs $29 per month and the Pro account will set you back $249 per month. There's a 7-day free trial where you can test everything out. The free tools include a Virality Calculator and an Engagement Rate Calculator.

The biggest downside is the lack of real-time updates. It refreshes only once daily. 


Popsters is a familiar tool for many social media managers and influencers. Analyze profiles, captions, and hashtags on 12 different platforms. You do not have to register to use Popsters for TikTok analytics and the reports are free.

Users have access to six sections of metrics that include engagement rate per hour and day. You can learn what posts are attracting visitors and sort them by engagement, length, and popularity. 

A 7-day trial will give you time to check out the platform before committing to plans which start at a reasonable $10 per month.

Basic statistics like the number of shares, likes, and comments on posts for the past year are available. 

Melody Socials

Melody Socials is a social media analytics tool specifically for TikTok profiles. The founders describe their site as a boutique service. And boutique is what comes to mind when I see the price; plans start at $299 per month. Aimed at agencies, labels, top influencers, the tool offers detailed reports in real-time. You can't get any fresher information than that. 

Users have noted how easy Melody Socials is to use, and they love the real-time updates. If you’re interested in checking this one out, be ready to spend some money. There's no free trial but the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you've nothing to lose by trying it out.

With Melody Socials, you can search by hashtag, find similar profiles, and filter by location. With the Platform package, you can add searching by sound and unlimited contact exports to their services. 

Tips to Help You Choose the right tool

We have given you a lot of information, and it just wouldn’t be right if we didn't give you some tips to help you choose the best software. 

Agencies with serious TikTok analytics requirements might want to look at Analisa or Melody Socials. The superior search features will let companies create a detailed and successful content strategy. Beginners and casual analytics fans can use any of the free tools or the lower plans on Analisa and Exolyt.

Popsters is great for users who just want to track the performance of a campaign. It analyses profiles and hashtags and gives users easy-to-use charts for comparison. If you are looking to focus on video or music, then Pentos is a good choice. 

Because large companies, digital agencies, and small businesses know the significance of influencers, we recommend using Social Insider for the influencers of the world. 


TikTok is on the scene and isn’t going away anytime soon. Because of its popularity, it's all the more important that small businesses, digital agencies, and even corporations use this social media platform effectively.

Best Tiktok Analytics Tools For Marketers
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