Despite Supermetrics' great reputation, it's not the only marketing data player. And maybe you're not ready to spend over a thousand dollars a year. Supermetrics is a powerful data reporting tool that marketers use to pull, gather, and analyze metrics from multiple apps in one place. But using a different marketing performance platform can provide you with new perspectives. 

If you're looking for an alternative to Supermetrics, these tools will help you automate your reporting and customize your marketing data metrics in unique ways.

Track your personalized marketing KPIs in new ways with these tools, from free to expensive. These alternative platforms will give you a different perspective and different data sources while at the same time offering a customized plan for your budget.

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Comparison Table

ToolDestinationsSupported ChannelsPricing
Porter MetricsGoogle Data StudioFacebook Ads and Insights, Instagram, and Linkedin Ads$12.5, $25, $66.6
Funnel.ioGoogle Sheets, Google Data Studio, or any data warehouse500+ $399, $999, $1,999
Dataslayer.aiGoogle Sheets and Google Data StudioFacebook, Adwords, Analytics, and Microsoft AdvertisingFree, $59, $99, $299
WhatagraphProprietaryMailchimp, Facebook, AdRoll, Google Analytics, and many more$119, $279, $699
OviondProprietary120+$99, $199, $399
MetricoolProprietaryInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business$12 to $119
Agency AnalyticsProprietary45+$49, $149, $399
Bettermetrics.ioGoogle Sheets, BigQuery, Google Data StudioGoogle Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads$99, $249

Now, let’s take a more detailed look at what each of these reporting tools has to offer.

Porter Metrics

porter metrics google data studio templates

Fans of Google Data Studio will love Porter Metrics. As with Supermetrics, this tool uses connectors to automate your Social Media reports in as little as 90 seconds. All it takes is a few clicks to gather and analyze marketing data, whether it's LinkedIn Ads, Facebook insights, Instagram and Facebook Ads, and more.

You can even track your e-commerce marketing channels and your website’s SEO performance data with free connectors.

Porter Metrics lets you create dashboards, visualize data with charts and scoreboards, customize your dashboard layout, share reports, and integrate custom formulas.

Overall, it's a simpler tool for non-coders than Supermetrics. With Supermetrics, your data is routed to a data warehouse to provide you with better insights and features, while Porter Metrics provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

There's more to Porter Metrics than just a template for Google Data Studio. The tool's creators launch a new template every week for you to experiment with. 

There are 4 subscription models: Solo, Team, Agency, and Custom. The Solo plan costs just $12.5 per month, while the Team and Agency plan costs $25 and $66.6 respectively. 

The only difference between the plans is the number of connections you make. The Solo plan lets you use only one connector, while the Team plan allows for up to 5 connectors. The Agency plan supports up to 20 connectors. 

The custom plan is for marketers and agencies that need more than 20 connectors

All plans support unlimited users. It’s also worth mentioning that there’s a 14-day free trial that gives you a quick glimpse of what this tool has to offer. 

With new templates every week, unlimited users, and cross-platform support, it’s hard not to recommend Porter Metrics for your marketing analytics. Definitely one of my favorite tools for easy digital marketing reporting


  • New template every week
  • Affordable 
  • Powerful data visualization
  • Great for users with little to no coding experience 
  • Unlimited users
  • Custom plan for a large number of connections


  • none

How does differ from Supermetrics? For starters, supports a whopping 500+ apps, giving you an endless selection of connectors to choose from. 

Additionally, you can manipulate your marketing data in a Google Sheets spreadsheet (Google Sheets) or a Google Data Studio dashboard for those who want to work with specialized data visualization tools.

The tool simplifies the process of gathering data. To get started, you just need to select the metrics and dimensions you want to be analyzed. 

Additionally, it supports automatic API updates. The icing on top is that it creates automatic backups for you, keeping your precious data safe. offers 3 pricing plans for marketers: Essentials for $399/month, Plus for $999/month, and Enterprise for $1,999/month. Special plans are also available for marketing agencies, but the pricing structure differs. 

Thanks to its wide range of app support and safety backups, has everything you need in a marketing and advertising data collection tool. 


  • Automatic API updates
  • Supports over 500 channels
  • Supports Google Drive, Google Sheets, and any custom data warehouse
  • Automatic backups


  • Expensive

With Google Ads, Analytics, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook integrated, reports all of your PPC/SEM metrics from marketing platforms to a single place.  

Analyze metrics conveniently, filter data, and gather metrics. Additionally, provides the option for automatic dashboard and report updates, so you will always stay on top of everything going on in your marketing efforts. 

Unlike Supermetrics, which only allows one user to access the account, allows unlimited simultaneous logins, which is great for large teams. offers 4 subscription options, including Free Forever, Small Agency, Medium Agency, and Large Agency. Pricing ranges from $59 to $299. 

With automatic refreshes, unlimited users, and affordable plans, leaves little to be desired. 


  • Offers Google Sheets and Google Data Studio options
  • Unlimited simultaneous logins
  • Automatic refreshes
  • Affordable 


  • Can be hard to use for large volumes of data


whatagraph digital marketing reporting

Whatagraph makes it easy to gather data from multiple sources for social media and email marketing. Whatagraph's intuitive, user-friendly interface allows marketers and agencies to produce reports quickly, and clients and stakeholders will appreciate the uncluttered, professional appearance.

Since it does not integrate into Google Sheets or Google Data Studio, it is a good Supermetrics alternative for those who do not like working with those Google tools. 

Whatagraph integrates with many platforms, including AdRoll, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Facebook, Google Analytics, Pinterest Analytics, YouTube, MailChimp, and more. 

Reports are neat and detailed to your liking. You can customize Whatagraph to the nth degree.

The tool also lets you create multi-connection weekly or monthly reports and collaborate with your teammates on them. It's simple to modify the branding for consistency across the organization. Plus, you can schedule reports to improve your workflow. 

Whatagraph is available on either an annual or quarterly basis. The Professional, Premium, and Growth plans are priced at $119/month, $279/month, and $699/month, respectively. There's no free plan available, but of course, you can try it out for seven days for free. 

Whatagraph has all the functions you need to analyze your marketing data, all in a user-friendly GUI that provides insightful visuals. 


  • Supports report scheduling
  • Can import data from a wide range of connectors
  • Amazing visuals
  • Clear pricing structure
  • Free trial


  • none


oviond reporting

Oviond is one of the newest tools in this list and the second tool that started life as an Appsumo lifetime deal (the other was Whatagraph). Since then, Oviond has grown into a mature marketing reports product for agencies and digital marketers. With cross-platform support, dozens of templates to pick from, and robust data visualization functions, there's plenty to like. 

Oviond offers direct integrations with traffic sources and advertising platforms that many of the other tools on this list do not, so it's worth considering if you have some special cases. Integrations include Ahrefs (SEO tool), Vimeo (video marketing), SE Ranking (Search marketing), Xero (accounting), Pingdom (website analytics), WordPress (CMS), and Paypal (payments).

Marketers who want a simpler alternative to Supermetrics' dashboards should consider Oviond. 

Custom dashboards can be designed to match your branding. Oviond's drag-and-drop builder allows you to design reports the way you want. Other features include automatic data refreshes, dashboard sharing, and multiple client management. 

You can expect to pay anywhere from $99 to $399 for Oviond, depending on your requirements. There's a free trial so you can experiment with the features.

Oviond is an excellent tool for marketers who work on multiple client projects simultaneously. Add to that the 120+ app integration and its eye-candy data visualization features, and you get yourself a well-rounded data reporting tool. 


  • Multiple client management 
  • Moderately priced plans
  • Supports over 120 apps
  • Powerful data sorting and visualization functions
  • 15-day free trial
  • Automatic data refreshes 


  • No mobile app


metricool twitter reporting

Metricool has some cool (pun-intended) features that make it stand out from the crowd. One of the best features of this program is the one-click reporting function that provides all the information you need in a matter of seconds. 

Get social media analytics from all the top social networks in one place, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and many more. Some notable connectors are Twitch and TikTok Ads. You can also connect your blog for better insights.

You can also keep track of your competitors' performance. Brand monitoring is a great way of keeping on top of the tactics other businesses are using. Hashtag trackers are a neat feature. You can compare your main metrics directly with your competition by adding them to the Real Time section. A table in the Evolution section lets you see how your competitors compare on various metrics.

The Google ads campaign section isn't the most sophisticated or pretty I've seen, but it works fast, very little lag, and there's a campaign recommendations section that can be helpful. Though the recommendation engine isn't as sophisticated as that in Adzooma, for example, it's a welcome addition to this fairly comprehensive tool.

Another unique feature is the ability to plan social media content. Metricool works similarly to ContentStudio or Buffer, letting you schedule your posts and then analyze their success at the time they are sent. This is a big time saver.  

Bonus points for the iOS and Android apps that let you track metrics anytime on your mobile device. 

In my opinion, Metricool has a little overextended itself in its offering. Each of the four tools is distinct and not entirely integrated. The tools themselves are well designed, however, and it's hard to beat on price. Definitely a great choice for budget-friendly marketing metrics. 

Metricool has 6 plans, including a free one. Pricing starts at as low as $12/month all the way up to $119/month. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly data reporting tool without compromising on much, look no further than Metricool. 

metricool google ads management screen


  • One-click reports
  • Supports report scheduling
  • Built-in editorial calendar
  • Has a free plan
  • iOS and Android mobile app
  • Affordable 


  • Doesn't support many popular social formats like stories, reels, and carrousels.

Agency Analytics

agency analytics web analytics and seo agency reporting screen

Agency Analytics is a well-established player in the data analysis and custom dashboard game. This company, which has served agencies for the last 11 years, specializes in automated reporting.

Agency Analytics competes (at the same price level) on features that Supermetrics does not include: keyword rank tracking, drag-and-drop interface, competitor analysis, email and ecommerce integrations, and more. And while Supermetrics offers just a single connection on its basic plan, Agency Analytics offers full access to over 50 connectors on every plan. You also get site audit tools and white-label features. It is a compelling offer that most agencies will find difficult to beat.

The ease of use is another advantage. Users of all skill levels can quickly get up and running with the interface since it is designed to be user-friendly. It's far ahead of Supermetrics on that front. I give this platform the top ranking for design and feel

Users can create custom dashboards on the platform and share them with their clients in just a few clicks. A built-in report editor allows you to create stunning web-based reports that are easy to understand.  

Google Ads, Amazon Ads, GMB insights, Google Sheets, Call Rail, Pinterest, Shopify, Twilio, Brightlocal, TikTok Ads (coming soon), and Instagram are among the 50+ connectors available. With features such as backlink monitoring, rank tracking, and website audits, the tool can also be used for SEO analysis reports

Agency Analytics is available in 3 packages: Freelancer, Agency, and Enterprise. The Freelancer package costs $49/month, while the Agency and Enterprise packages cost $149/month and $399/month, respectively. Alternatively, you can pay a lump-sum amount annually to save some cash. 


  • Seamless dashboard creation
  • 45+ app support
  • Includes SEO metrics
  • Integrated report editor


  • none

Explicitly designed for PPC campaign metrics reporting, is designed to automate tedious marketing data collection and analysis for ad managers. pulls insights from 4 data sources: Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads, then can send the data to three Google products: Sheets, Data Studio, and BigQuery. It's all about analyzing real time data to make better decisions. Its narrow niche allows it to focus on providing excellent service.

Bettermetrics offers a single plan that costs $99/month, but there’s a $249/month Enterprise plan that adds support for Google BigQuery. You can also try the tool with a free trial. makes handling your cross-platform PPC campaigns more manageable than ever. It also supports BigQuery, making it a favorable choice for large agencies. There's no social media reporting or SEO metrics included so SEO agencies dealing with organic online marketing should look elsewhere.


  • Supports 4 apps
  • Can be used with Google BigQuery
  • Simple pricing structure
  • Has a free trial


  • No SEO metrics

How to Pick the Right Supermetrics Alternative for Your Marketing Needs?

Which channels do you use in your marketing campaigns? SEO agencies will have different requirements to social media marketers and even ad agencies. Shortlist your tool choices based on key metrics. It's rare to find a single platform that covers all marketing sources or offers native integration with every source but some cover the majority of popular choices. Some tools support hundreds of channels, while others only work with a selected few. The price can depend on the depth of integration or the number of channels, or both.

How accurate do you need your data to be? If you can’t afford to see a single inaccurate metric, then you need a tool that places more emphasis on accuracy. This probably cost you more, though.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet functional data reporting tool, Porter Metrics would be your best bet. Do you operate in a large agency? Consider going for one of’s agency plans. The tool has up to 500 connectors and makes automatic backups and API calls efficiently. Finally, Metricool would be a solid choice for those on a budget or agencies looking for Agency Analytics alternatives.

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