Want multiple links in your Instagram bio but don't like the idea of using a paid third-party product like Linktree? Why not create your own “link in bio” that leads to a personalised landing page, formatted to suit your brand.

Instagram has always been the worst-performing social network in terms of traffic generation. Unless you’re paying, Instagram allows a single link in your profile and nobody clicks it. Website owners report tiny traffic numbers from Instagram in comparison with Google search, Pinterest and email.

The end goal of social media networks is to keep you on their network. It’s why Facebook and Instagram make it hard for marketers and businesses to send people to their websites. 

Small business owners don’t usually double as “influencers”. Sales happen on their website, not on viral Instagram posts. So what’s the point of Instagram, consider it sends almost no traffic to the websites of most businesses? Insta-Experts will tell you it’s all about brand awareness. That’s great, but you can’t pay the bills based on brand awareness. Intangible results are fine as long as you’re making money.

Don't want to bother with creating your own Instagram bio but not ready to pay for LinkTree? Check out the excellent Bio Link tool from Replug and get a link shortener and link tracking tool also. Tailwind's 100% free smart.bio tool is another great option.

Get More Traffic from Instagram & Why Linktree is not the Answer. 

Shorby, LinkTree and several other companies came up with one solution to the one-link-for-all limit on Instagram. They created software that provides a page of links to content on your site or other social networks for visitors to your profile page link. 

All well and good, but there are a couple of issues here

  • These Instagram bio link tools are paid services. The free versions (on Linktree) force LinkTree branding. 
  • Instagram does not endorse these products. They could shut down access at any time. Facebook, which owns Instagram, has a reputation for ending the winning streak of companies built upon their platforms.

So what’s the alternative?

The solution was pretty obvious to me,  but I looked around to see what other people were doing. Most bloggers seem to have the same idea. In fact, it seems that the entire blogosphere is copying itself. The general advice is to create graphics in a tool like Snappa, Canva or Crello and add them to a page on your website. 

That’s fine if you have time to start creating graphics.

However, you don’t need to get out the design tools. You have everything you need in WordPress. I'll show you how to do it. But first,

What’s the benefit of having a links page in your Instagram bio?

Now you can edit your page as you see fit. Brand the page suit your preferences. You don’t have to worry about any third party monitoring your clicks. Instagram can’t shut you down as the link goes to your own website property. You have your own domain URL in the profile, not some spammy-looking like 


or even worse

shor.by/[email protected]

With your own landing page you can track clicks from your Instagram bio to your website directly with Google Analytics (or any analytics tool). This gives you better data on what’s working and which visitors are converting.

Instagram can’t shut you down as the link goes to your own website property.

Creating your Instagram Bio Landing Page

Note: this information only applies to WordPress users.

You’ll need the latest version of WordPress Gutenberg installed on your website.

Install the Advanced Gutenberg plugin (It's 100% free)

Create a new page on your website. 

As this page will just be a landing page, I recommend setting it to NoIndex. Here's how you set a post to “Noindex” in Yoast.

Set the page to “Landing Page” if you’re using a WordPress framework that supports landing pages. At the very least, remove the sidebar and any extra information that distracts from the bio.

Find the Advanced button block that comes with the Advanced Gutenberg plugin. Click to add a new block and either search for the button or click it from the menu (if you’ve used it recently, the advanced button will show up in the list)

Gutenberg advanced buttons

Center the button.

Style the button to your website’s colours and preferences.

Link Bio Landing Page Button Styles

For social icons, you can use the social sharing buttons in the Gutenberg Advanced blocks.

Social Sharing Icon For Bio

To hide the title of the page, select the page post ID from the URL in the WordPress Admin, like so:


Open the customizer and go to the Additional CSS options

Create an entry like this in your CSS file

 .post-3732 h1.entry-title {
 Display: none;
Image 2019-08-25 at 1.25.35 p.m..png

You can test it out here:

Example Landing Page For Instagram Bio Link on Fat Frog Media

instagram image of phone
Want multiple links in your Instagram bio without using a paid third-party product? Create your own “link in bio”. Build a Linktree Alternative for Free.

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