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High-Quality Content Writing and Copywriting Service For Your Business

Don't have the time or resources to produce great content?

Leave it to us. We do great content.


Blog Posts

Get crazy amounts of free traffic to your website with blog posts that Google loves.

Sales Pages

Boost your sales pages and convert more traffic with catchy, targeted sales copy.

Email Newsletters

Sick of writing newsletters? Let us take the pain out of copywriting and content writing.


Blogging is hard. The bar for creating great content gets raised every year. Google rewards high quality content with higher rankings in the search results. Most businesses in 2019 know this. But it's harder and harder to write content that ranks well. We've been writing for the web for a long time. We know what works.

Let us show you what we can produce for your business.

  • Get higher-quality articles than your competitors
  • See the rankings for your entire website improve
  • Engage your customer and sell more products
  • Save hours of time on planning and writing articles


Content marketing is a powerful marketing tool. Good content can turn an average-looking website into a revenue-generating channel for your business.

Your potential clients use Google (and other search engines) to find answers to their questions. They have problems that need solving.

Content, in the form of articles and blog posts, that offer solutions to these problems get more traffic from search engines. It's as simple as that.

With more traffic comes more revenue opportunities. Higher (relevant) traffic volumes = more leads, more affiliate sales, more email signups, and increased product sales.


  • Helps potential clients understand what your brand is about and what you believe in.
  • Gets relevant traffic from search engines.
  • Helps build relationships and strategic partnerships with industry leaders and peers.
  • Generates leads and provides content for email marketing.
  • Provides shareable articles for social media.
  • Helps direct potential customers to the most important pages on your site.
  • Can perform the functions of marketing and sales at the same time.


  • Sets your business up for huge growth in the long-term
  • Gives responsibility for the entire content creation process (keyword research, writing, promotion) to someone else. It’s a hands-off approach to growth hacking
  • Leverages a marketing growth agency’s skills in finding and creating content guaranteed to get traffic.
  • Most people are not good at explaining concepts or writing. Turning complex topics into easy-to-understand chunks of actionable advice is hard to do.
  • Writing requires a lot of precious time. Good writing takes even more valuable hours. If you can’t spare more than a half-day to produce a blog post, it’s not going to be worth the effort. The days of writing 250-word blog posts and getting traffic have passed (thankfully)
  • If you’re the Owner, CEO or C-level exec in your company, your time might be better spent on things other than writing. Unless you’re the best writer in the company and your sole function (unlikely) is to write, spending days on a blog post is not a good return on investment.


One Off Post

1 x 1500 Blog Post
$ 400 A la carte
  • 1 Perfectly written blog post
  • 3 Title Variations
  • Unlimited Revisions
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1 x 1500 Word Blog Post every Month
$ 350 Monthly
  • 1 Perfectly written blog post per month for 3 months
  • 3 Title Variations
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • use code WELCOME to get 20% your first order!


1 x 1500 Word Blog Post every Month
$ 300 Monthly
  • 1 Perfectly written blog post
  • 3 Title Variations
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • use code WELCOME to get 20% your first order!

Curated, Seasoned, Professional Writers
Dedicated Account Manager 
Content That Converts
Unlimited Revisions 
Title Variations Supplied For Your A/B Tets
Royalty-Free Images
Unique, Proofread & 100% Error-Free. We Take Plagiarism Seriously.
All Content Is Deeply Researched. Citations Included
Content Uploaded To Google Docs For Revision



Turn your blog into an SEO content machine. Get traffic from Google and Bing and accelerate the growth of your business. Content marketing is the best long-term investment in marketing your business can make. It's the marketing channel with the highest Return On Investment (ROI).

We've worked with hundreds of clients in Ireland, UK, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Argentina, and Thailand. We know what it takes to write great content for businesses.


We generally write for the tech, health & fitness, food, and travel niches. But we regularly provided high quality content posts to businesses in other industries.

Every project requires research into your brand and a thorough questionnaire to find out how we can help best. If we can't help you, we refund the payment immediately.

Simple. We know what we're doing. Hiring on Upwork and other freelancer sites has a very low rate of success.

We are content writers ourselves and successful content website owners. We know what works. We know how to manage writers and we can put together content plans that will help you win more business. Every piece of content produced is managed (and often written) by the founder of Fat Frog Media.

Yes. We can upload, format, and post your content for a fee of $50 per post.

We offer plans starting from one 1500-word blog post per month right up to five 1500-word blog posts per month. If you need more content, we'd be happy to discuss custom plans.