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ways to monetize a blog

7 Ways To Monetize A Blog

How do bloggers and website owners monetize their blogs? How can anyone make money from a content website? What's their secret? The answer is, there's

The best podcasts for entrepreneurs

Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs 2020

Listening to podcasts has been really helpful in our development as entrepreneurs. Podcasts are a superb resource for learning. And many other bloggers and business

How to set up Google Analytics

Beginners Guide To Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have tool for any online entrepreneur. If you care about improving the user experience, getting more customers, and understanding how to

voice search and SEO

How Voice Search Will Affect Your SEO

Google Assistant is Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) voice search service based on natural language processing (NLP). In short, voice search technology understands you when you

need an seo specialist

Do You Need An SEO Specialist?

As an SEO consultant, I often hear people devalue the services that the SEO industry offers. SEO experts and SEO specialists are sometimes seen as

sem vs ppc google adwords vs seo

SEM vs PPC – Marketing Strategy

If you’re looking for the quick answer, I’ll save you time: The best marketing strategy is the one that gets your business the highest return